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Understanding and respecting your legacy and business planning objectives.


Best measurement of informed decisions, wise actions, and fulfilled goals.


Assurance of a successfully implemented plan.


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Clients don’t continue their planning due to lack of clarity, confidence, and coordination. The planning often involves integrating life insurance to help clients achieve their personal, business, and philanthropic goals.

  • Wealth & Business Transfer
  • Advanced Life Insurance Solutions
  • Charitable Planning
  • Global Citizens Planning
  • Longevity Planning
  • Life Insurance Portfolio Management


Blended Families Have Unique Life Insurance Needs

June 2022
Almost 100 million people are part of a blended family — that’s 1 out of 3 Americans!  Blended families are typically...
June 2022
C3 Financial Partners is seeking an experienced and resourceful client service coordinator to oversee the day-to-day relations with our clients. You...
May 2022
Without active management, life insurance can become a client’s largest unmanaged asset.  When a comprehensive review is completed, there are often...
April 2022
Most of our clients have three objectives: They want to minimize taxes; They want to maximize the amount that goes to...
July 2022
Rising inflation, low tax rates (for now), increasing interest rates, and uncertainty in Washington, D.C. and beyond.  These converging forces are...
June 2022
A Look at the Unique Needs of Blended Families One out of three Americans are a part of a blended family...
June 2022
Many of us may have experienced a long-term care event through a family member or friend and have personally seen...
June 2022
Todd S. Healy introducing to a full room. Recently, The Dallas Foundation and C3 Financial Partners co-hosted a special event...