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Managing Life Insurance as an Important Asset Class

Life insurance is often one of our largest assets. Yet, it is commonly unmanaged and misunderstood.  For many, life insurance is viewed as a necessary evil – an expenditure that eventually provides cash to meet estate, personal and business obligations.  Worse yet, the benefits are recognized at someone’s death, and this fact alone seems to […]

“Life Insurance: A Valuable Contingent Asset Class?” | Industry Article Highlights

Fellow Advisors, “Life Insurance: A Valuable Contingent Asset Class?” is the title of a Trusts & Estates article published this month. The authors, Jay Judas and Michael Fontanini, are two of our colleagues. Jay is an independent life insurance consultant. We (our clients) have engaged him to provide an independent review/analysis. Michael is VP, Advanced […]

Are You Prepared for an Unexpected Medical Event?

Many of us may have experienced a long-term care event through a family member or friend and have personally seen how impactful it can be both emotionally and financially.  For this reason, long-term care insurance is now at the center of many planning conversations.  However, many high-net-worth individuals, who can potentially self-insure, tend to overlook […]

When Was the Last Time Your Policy Was Reviewed?

Without active management, life insurance can become a client’s largest unmanaged asset.  When a comprehensive review is completed, there are often several surprising and sometimes unsettling discoveries.  C3 has developed a thorough policy review process that helps us proactively monitor and protect your or your clients’ policies and adjust them as goals and objectives evolve.  […]

It’s a Wrap! | Winter 2021 Newsletter

Todd’s 2 Bits

Targeting The Horizon

A few years ago, a friend of mine challenged me with a question, “Does the…

External Client Experiences: Going in the Right Direction (Farther and Faster) Using the Compass

With the colder weather upon us, it seems like coffee is powering us all through the day, and “Coffee with C3” is still going strong. We hosted our fourth 15-minute webinar in October, “Going in the Right Direction (Farther and Faster) Using the Compass.” Todd S. Healy, Carolyn J. Smith, and Celeste C. Moya sat […]

Carolyn J. Smith Presents at Prestigious Indaba Conference

Carolyn J. Smith, Senior Partner at C3 (formerly Texas Financial Partners), was recently invited to speak at the 2017 Indaba Conference, organized by Lion Street. The Indaba Conference is an annual event designed to bring together leaders in the insurance and estate planning industry in order to share ideas and best practices that will help […]