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Consume and Converse with Mindy Jones | Why Longevity Matters

“Today many of us will live 30 years longer than our grandparents did.” Mindy Jones, Managing Principal at Dallas’ Pyxis Care, shared this stunning insight and others at C3 Financial Partners’ September Consume and Converse event, which focused on the challenges presented to families and wealth holders by increasing life expectancy. In order to plan effectively […]

December 2022 Newsletter

Plan to Enjoy Your Last 8,000 Days The years after turning 65 are no longer short in duration and lived in declining health. Now, those reaching retirement age in good health can look forward to another twenty, thirty or more years – many of them in excellent health. Are these years being planned for? How […]

Plan to Enjoy Your Last 8,000 Days

In his hit song, “The Older I Get,” American singer and songwriter Alan Jackson sings that the older he gets, the more thankful he feels for the life he has had and all the life he is still living.  Like many today who have reached the traditional retirement age of 65, Jackson is not slowing […]

Age Grid Worksheet

Our own Todd Healy was recently thinking about upcoming major life events for his family. He started to plan those events against his own life to create a plan for his future. The result – a worksheet specifically designed to help plan for and keep track of major life events in later years. A blank […]

October 2022 Newsletter

How Long Will You Live (and Have You Planned For That)? We are living longer. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are some 70,000 centenarians living in the U.S. (a 44% increase since 2000). Longer life expectancies can actually pose a risk to your financial planning. Traditional planning may […]

Don’t Outlive Your Planning

Living to triple digits used to be worthy of attention — and a mention on the Today Show. This is no longer the case.  Today some 70,000 centenarians live in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Indeed, since 2000, America’s 100-and-over crowd has ballooned by 44%. Of course, many people […]

Call to Action! Now is the Time for Estate Planning

Rising inflation, low tax rates (for now), increasing interest rates, and uncertainty in Washington, D.C. and beyond.  These converging forces are the ideal reason to establish, or review, an estate plan.  Everyone has an estate and should plan what happens to it.  Different sized estates create different challenges to protect assets, mitigate taxation, and pass […]

When Was the Last Time Your Policy Was Reviewed?

Without active management, life insurance can become a client’s largest unmanaged asset.  When a comprehensive review is completed, there are often several surprising and sometimes unsettling discoveries.  C3 has developed a thorough policy review process that helps us proactively monitor and protect your or your clients’ policies and adjust them as goals and objectives evolve.  […]

A Resolution for the New Year: Life Insurance Policy “Health” Review

Each New Year brings with it a renewed commitment to personal and financial health, and this includes the “health” of existing life insurance policies.  In taking inventory of future needs, it is important to make sure the life insurance purchased years ago is still performing as expected and is sufficient to meet unexpected and expected […]

The Art of Aging: A Prescription for Mind and Body | C&C Event Series

In this talk, Catherine breaks down the science of thought and shows how our mindset—or thought pattern—exerts a substantial influence on physical health.  Most importantly, this talk gives specific strategies we can all use, no matter our natural tendency, to make minor tweaks in our thoughts and behaviors that will improve the quality and length […]

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