C3 Financial Partners

2020 Video Playlist

Watch our 2020 video content in order.  Starting with our 2020 vision, all the way to life insurance and philanthropy.  Have ideas to contribute to our next video series? Send us a message!

    1. Our 20/20 Vision| Todd S. Healy
    2. The Importance of Policy Reviews | Celeste C. Moya
    3. Shared Ownership = Shared Risks | Carolyn J. Smith
    4. Heir Quality | Todd S. Healy
    5. Life Stage Awareness |Carolyn J. Smith
    6. Protecting Insurability | Celeste C. Moya
    7. Global Citizens Planning | Celeste C. Moya
    8. Planificacion Para Ciudadnos Globales | Celeste C. Moya
    9. Estate Taxes & Your Heirs | Todd S. Healy
    10. Life Insurance in Philanthropy | Celeste C. Moya