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C3 uses LifeTrends to Optimize Advisory Services

Earlier this year, we formed a strategic alliance with LifeTrends, a life insurance analytics company. LifeTrends provides up-to-date product pricing, advanced market research, detailed benchmarking, in-depth product analysis, and impartial reviews of life insurance products. We are the first and only independent life insurance firm to have access to the wealth of industry knowledge offered by LifeTrends. We believe this resource will become an invaluable tool for helping our clients achieve their financial goals.

LifeTrends’ proprietary system allows us to search a multitude of insurance companies and carriers in a matter of seconds, and it can help us to locate the specific product that best suits a given client’s needs. For example, we can search the database for Male; age 55; preferred non-smoker; $1M death benefit; full-pay; and product type (such as term, universal life, whole life, etc.).  Almost immediately, the system will produce a comprehensive report that lists available products ranked by competitiveness (see example report below). This tool will also help us to perform more effective policy reviews, by allowing us to compare a client’s existing coverage against available products.

Of course, our services will continue to be grounded in the unparalleled expertise, experience, and attention we offer to our clients. Our recommendations will be based on factors such as carrier strength, company stability, term conversion options, and so forth. LifeTrends database will enable our wealth advisors to thoroughly explore the life insurance landscape, stay up-to-date on daily changes in the marketplace, remain carrier and product-neutral, and offer our clients optimal solutions for their life insurance needs.

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