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Carolyn Smith featured on Where Accountants Go | A Unique Exit Planning Niche

Listen to Mark Goldman, CPA, and his fascinating podcast on “Where Accountants Go” featuring Carolyn Smith.  In this episode, A Unique Exit Planning Niche, Carolyn shares about her career and her experience helping clients manage difficult decisions during difficult times.  Her career began, as many CPAs, in public accounting.  As she assisted more families with financial/tax complexities after a death, it led her to seek training as a Stephen Minister, and soon as a Leader in this ministry.

Today, Carolyn is a Senior Partner with C3 Financial Partners.  She helps clients get ahead of life’s tragedies.  Individuals, businesses, and even nonprofits often engage her and the C3 team to identify and manage risks.  Especially those risks that are unknown and possibly unnecessary.

In addition, she has earned the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® (CAP®) designation from The American College of Financial Services.

Listen to the recent episode of “Where Accountants Go,” the Accounting Careers Podcast:

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