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Celebrate April Fools Day with C3

April Fools! C3 has fun everyday – but today we thought you might like to see our funny and sometimes embarrassing moments during the last all day photoshoot.

Our marketing director, Kristi Kerr Leonard was determined to get a plant in the photo without interrupting the shoot.  Success, plant in.  Embarrassing moment: caught crawling under the table by Todd and the photographer, Joe Duty.
Rowe kept the team – and crew – laughing with his silly antics during our photoshoot.
Yep, Kristi Kerr Leonard, our marketing director actually got Todd to wear lipstick. He kinda liked it!
While our hair and makeup stylist, Keshette Burton was helping the photographer with the positioning, Todd just had to jump in!
Between Todd and Rowe, they had a great selection of ties.

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