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Celeste C. Moya Featured in Life Insurance Strategies Interview


Jay Judas, CEO of Life Insurance Strategies Group interviewed Celeste C. Moya, C3 Partner. Celeste is featured in their recent Tier One article. We’re proud to have such a talented, strong and intelligent woman on our team and would like for you to learn more about her.

Read the excerpt below between Jay and Celeste.

Jay: We first met in-person when I came to Austin to do some foreign life insurance distribution training for you and a group of others at NFP. It was an 8am meeting and I arrived early to find you already there, having finished a lengthy workout out at a local gym. I thought, “Celeste is a crazy, early-morning workout person, too” and I also recognized you are a hard-worker who clearly absorbed a lot of information that day. Fast forward to today and you have a growing foreign national and U.S.-nexus practice. Why did you make that a focus and what are some of the different nuances of working with non-U.S. clients?

Celeste: Yes, I do love working out in the morning! I am glad I am not the only crazy person. Working out in the AM is my coffee and gets my day off to a positive start.

The foreign national market is very underserved, and yet, they have a big need for life insurance planning. Unfortunately, most foreign national clients that we speak to and even some of their advisors are not aware of the various estate and business issues they can face if proper planning does not take place for their U.S. assets. They are also not aware of how valuable life insurance can be in their overall financial plan.

The foundation of the problem is that there is a serious lack of education for clients and advisors on foreign national planning. I had the opportunity in one of my past corporate positions to gain in-depth knowledge on this sector of the market and really understand the correct way of approaching it. Therefore, based on the need and my knowledge, I saw this as an opportunity to diversify our firm while also providing our foreign national clients and their advisors with crucial planning information.

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