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Consume and Converse with Dave Gunby and Rogers Healy

This Consume & Converse event covered two important topics:

Communication Techniques Across the Ages with Dave Gunby
In our business, ensuring that communication has taken place is critical. Without it, family fortunes can be gained or lost! George Bernard Shaw said, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Working with Millennials presents specific challenges which can be overcome with excellent communication. In this discussion, we learned to customize our communication for success with any generation.

We discussed using critical motivators for different generations; crafting your message for maximum impact; using intentional body language to increase your persuasiveness; capitalizing on your voice; and creating visuals to drive your points home.

Dealing with Millennials from a Millennial’s Perspective with Rogers Healy
A Millennial himself, Rogers Healy provided insight into communication & negotiation with Millennials based on his successful track record selling to others of his generation. He shared that his experience has been that Millennials rely on internet searches for far more than face-to-face communication for gathering information.

Rogers has years of success working with this generation and offered helpful tips and strategies for fostering better communication to work more effectively with this new generation of clients.

Dave Gunby has coached and trained thousands to be more creative, learn faster, lead more effectively and present more powerfully and persuasively. He is the owner of Mindimensions, a leadership training, and facilitation company dedicated to assisting others to use their leadership abilities to their fullest.

Dave has helped thousands develop leadership skills in the areas of presentation skills, creativity, accelerated learning, Idea Mapping (an organizing and memory tool), facilitation techniques, and problem solving. He pairs his sense of humor with deep expertise to deliver powerful and enjoyable learning experiences.

Rogers Healy is one of Dallas Fort-Worth’s most influential real estate professionals. Starting his career while he was still in college, he rapidly progressed to the upper echelons of his profession. In 2009, Healy was named one of the Top 30 Realtors® under the age of 30 in the country by Realtor® magazine. The following year the Dallas Business Journal named his company, Rogers Healy and Associates (RHA), one of the “Best Places to Work.” Both Healy and his businesses achieve widespread recognition for their success and quality work on a regular basis.

View the presentation notes: Communication Techniques Across the Ages

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