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Consume & Converse with Joy H. Selak PhD | Life to Legacy

Todd Healy passing out autographed copies of Joy Selak’s book titled, CeeGee’s Gift with the new C3 bookmark to Debbie Roos, Simply People, with the assistance of Marty Roos, Clark Hill.

“Everyone has gifts to share.  It is our personal responsibility to discover them!” Philanthropic Advisor and author, Joy H. Selak, Ph.D., shared this message at our February 2020 Consume & Converse luncheon in San Antonio, Texas.

This topic is further explored in Joy’s award-winning novel titled, CeeGee’s Gift.  The novel sends the reader on a journey of generosity that begins with a young girl and old man recognizing and appreciating their special gifts.  Supporting each other as they find a way to uniquely impact their community.

Sandra Velarde, Texas Agriculture and Land Trust and Carolyn Smith catching up.

Joy continued her message by sharing her thoughts around Legacy Giving.  Personal experiences and a deep knowledge of a cause or organization is often where our desire for a philanthropic legacy begins.  A process fueled by personal passion.

Through a combination of current and after-life gifts, we can model our generosity for family and friends.  This type of planning has been found to deepen relationships, increase donor satisfaction, and strengthen advisor relationships.

Enjoying community over lunch: Kristine Howland, Trinity University; Carolyn Smith, Patty Vargas, Davis & Santos; Kelly Foster, Gardner Law; Jessica Newill, Gardner Law

Exchanging business updates with Kristine Howland, Trinity University; Mitchell Byrum, S. Harris Financial Group

The United States is the most generous country on Earth.  America is also now experiencing the greatest transfer of wealth in our history.  Joy further commented that “while 86% of Americans think philanthropy is important, donors do not want to be told how, when, or to whom to give.  Statistics show that giving nearly doubles if advisors are involved.”

The key to working with advisors is to have a process for helping the wealth holder identify and prioritize their options.  A collaborative advisory team is often the key to fully executing the charitable giving plans.  This longer view of financial planning allows donors to see the benefits during their lifetime and provides the ideal platform for sharing values across generations.

Todd Healy, Celeste Moya, and Carolyn Smith wishing all a Happy Valentine’s Day from the San Antonio Country Club nestled in the Texas Hill Country.

Joy, Todd Healy, and Carolyn Smith have achieved the designation of Chartered Advisors in Philanthropy® (CAP®) issued by The American College.  CAPs are specifically trained to facilitate collaboration between the donor’s financial advisors, estate planning attorneys, and nonprofits.  Working together to make the donor’s vision a reality.

About Our Presenter

Joy Selak is a Philanthropic Advisor in Austin, Texas. In 2017, she earned her certification as a Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® from the American College of Finance, training that qualifies her to guide individuals, businesses and nonprofits in executing and evaluating effective charitable giving. Her previous experience as a nonprofit leader, investment advisor and university writing instructor support and inform her work today.

In the mid-1990’s, while living on San Juan Island, WA, Joy was diagnosed with several chronic illnesses and had to leave her career in finance. As she slowly regained her health, she and her physician wrote the book You Don’t LOOK Sick! Living Well with Invisible Chronic Illness to help guide others in building meaningful lives that contain long-term illness. During this time, she also wrote the one-act play ‘CeeGee’s Gift’, which won the San Juan Islands Playwrights Festival. Joy expanded the play into a novel about friendship, generosity and what it means to be gifted. Published it in 2019, it is a book meant to be read and shared by young and old.

Joy was raised in San Antonio, Texas and attended Arizona State University where she earned two Master’s degrees, in Education and Literature, and her PhD in Curriculum and Instruction. She taught composition at ASU for 5 years, was a curriculum consultant for Arizona school districts and was cited for her Outstanding Contribution to Education by the AZ State Department of Education. She was named Vice President Investments by Morgan Stanley Smith Barney in 1986, served on the curriculum committee in New York and taught Investing in the Master’s Program at California Lutheran University. In the nonprofit sector, Joy served for 15 years as trustee and President of Austin’s ZACH Theatre, was a Development Director for MindPop and a founder and trustee of A Legacy of Giving. She was also a founder and President of the San Juan Island Community Foundation in Washington State and trustee of the Interstitial Cystitis Association in Washington, DC.

Joy’s life is a meaningful blend of creativity, communication and compassion, her Three C’s.

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