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Consume & Converse with Kevin Mellott* | Protecting Your Assets – People and Property

This Consume & Converse event discussed Protecting Your Assets – People and Property. Speaker Kevin Mellott* covered three specific security topics:

  • Vetting – Kevin discussed the difference between a background check and a background investigation, including five key points that you must know about valid and reliable investigations before you make your decision on hiring personnel or investing in a business.
  • Cybersecurity – Three direct attacks that compromise the majority of significant business losses (Business Email Compromise, Ransomware, and Man in the Middle Attacks).
  • Personal Safety Threats – Responding to a violent attack against you or your family in a direct confrontation from a violent person and during a home invasion.

Kevin Mellott has been protecting people and their property from loss for over 40 years. His career history spans both working in public safety agencies and in the private sector.

Kevin has served as a firefighter/paramedic, law enforcement officer, investigator, special rescue operations instructor and responder, and as an intelligence analyst. His firm, ERASE Enterprises, has been providing security and safety services to High and Ultra-High Net Worth clients for over 27 years. ERASE works in both the domestic and international environments and specializes in personal protection, investigations, cybersecurity, consulting, and site services.

Kevin is a regular contributor for Fox News, ABC News, CBS News, Clear Channel, and iHeart Radio for issues ranging from terrorism to global security concerns.

View the presentation: Protecting Your Assets – People and Property

About Our Presenter

ERASE Enterprises, President

*Since this presentation was posted, Mr. Mellott passed away.

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