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Eversprint Interview with Carolyn & Malcolm

Our San Antonio Senior Partner, Carolyn Smith, recently joined Malcolm Lui, Managing Member of Eversprint, to share how she helps business owners with reducing unanticipated risk through life insurance. Watch the full interview by clicking the play button in the top section of this page.

Carolyn helps clients identify and manage their known and unknown risks. Special thanks to Malcolm Lui for the excellent interview. It gave C3 a chance to build awareness on identifying and managing risks. Especially those that are unnecessary. Check it out!

Interview topics covered include:

  • Examples of unanticipated risks
  • Documentation review – from napkins to attorney drawn documentation
  • Why a business might require life insurance for owners and key employees
  • Structuring life insurance to maintain tax benefits
  • Exit planning as a team sport
  • When she should be brought into the conversation
  • When to take on risk, and when to outsource it
  • Over-insurance

Eversprint helps business owners create businesses that can thrive without them, that are easier to build, grow, and exit. To learn more about their programs, contact Malcolm Lui, the Managing Member of Eversprint.

Individuals and businesses, even nonprofits, engage us to identify, prepare for, and manage some of the risks they can't control.