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“Hindsight is 2020”

Entering 202­­­1 gives new meaning to the phrase, “Hindsight is 2020.”

When a new year starts, hindsight always follows.  And there has never been a year with more to scrutinize than 2020.  Here are some hindsight highlights from C3 Financial Partners.


Exposures we gave blind eyes to

  • Relying on just-in-time medicines from foreign sources instead of just U.S. stockpiles
  • Diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits may be able to fight off a brutal virus
  • Not taking seriously how one droplet from a sneeze or a cough can have fatal consequences

Benefits we can see coming 

  • Telehealth accelerating efficiencies for patients and medical professionals
  • Greater focus treating mental conditions illuminated by pandemic stress
  • Technology for better rapid response, treatment capacity, and global preparedness


What we should have seen

  • The limitations of brick and mortar to make business work in a crisis
  • The necessity of organized, prepared, and backed-up supply chains
  • The need of authenticity, transparency, and responsibility from community and business leaders

What was encouraging to see

  • Companies biting the bullet to sustain and protect employee jobs
  • Employees doing their best to make the best of working remotely
  • Customers adapting and innovating to help local small businesses survive


What we had lost sight of

  • How the threat of pandemics never goes away, making preparations continually crucial
  • How dehumanizing, heartbreaking, and terrifying a pandemic can quickly become
  • How vulnerability puts everyone on the same team and makes us all our “brothers’ keepers”

Sights for sore eyes

  • The power of communities to solve problems and even create miracles
  • The courtesy and respect shown when everyone is in the same boat
  • Innovative ideas for how we will buy, pay, deliver, enjoy, and share whatever we truly need

No doubt you could add your own observations to this list.

This past year, in many ways, was a year we would all like to forget.  But we need “2020 hindsight” to assure a strong 2021 recovery!

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