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How Strong Families Survive Challenging Times | Tom Rogerson featured at Dallas Foundation & C3 Event

Todd S. Healy introducing to a full room.

Recently, The Dallas Foundation and C3 Financial Partners co-hosted a special event for our fundholders and friends.  Our guests were intrigued/challenged to hear Thomas Rogerson, President and CEO of Gen Leg Co., discuss “Generation to Generation: How Strong Families Survive Challenging Times.”  Tom presented strategies to establish trust and meaningful communication within families to maximize and sustain a family’s philanthropy and charitable legacy.  It was an inspiring event!

Todd S. Healy on this event: Even though we have heard Tom Rogerson many times, we continue to be amazed at his research and insights.  We were particularly intrigued by the comment of “shared decision making.”  Look forward to having him back in Dallas this September.  Many thanks to The Dallas Foundation, who demonstrates the spirit and the application of collaboration.

Carolyn J. Smith on this event: “We thought we were doing it all right” more than one family shared after the presentation.  Clear and concise ideas from Tom on how to do even more!

Todd S. Healy and guests.

Due to an overwhelming response to Tom Rogerson’s visit in May, C3 Financial Partners and The Dallas Foundation are bringing him back!  Tom will discuss the role of family philanthropy in building a family legacy process.  Learn how to have a multi-generational legacy vision and plan for your family.

The event will take place on September 20th.  The time and location will be forthcoming.

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