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June 2022 Newsletter

A Look at the Unique Needs of Blended Families

One out of three Americans are a part of a blended family as a stepparent, a stepchild or otherwise being from a previous marriage or relationship.

With these evolving family structures comes the need to plan for new financial contingencies such as the care of a surviving spouse in the case of a death, income replacement from a disability, alimony and child support obligations and unique inheritance wishes.

In our latest blog, available at the link below, we explain how life insurance plays an outsized role in protecting blended families.

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IRS Applicable Federal Rate Update

The rates continue to rise! To see the current rates, as well as the historical rates, you can view our AFR report at the link below.

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Save the Date!

Due to an overwhelming response to Tom Rogerson’s visit in May, C3 Financial Partners and The Dallas Foundation are bringing him back! Tom will discuss the role of family philanthropy in building a family legacy process. Learn how to have a multi-generational legacy vision and plan for your family.

The event will take place on September 20th. The time and location will be forthcoming.

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