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Long-Term Care Resources | LTC Month 2022

Regardless of how family health has changed in recent years, we are still keeping our loved ones’ care in mind.

To assist you in making good long-term care decisions, please find our resources below for reference.  If you would like to meet with the C3 team about a specific long-term care need, please reach out to Todd, Carolyn, or Celeste (contact details below).

Blended Families Have Unique Life Insurance Needs

A former spouse’s long-term care costs could fall to children, saddling them with unplanned and often exorbitant expenses.  Statistics show that 70% of those who reach age 65 will need long-term care, which Medicare often does not cover.  And Medicaid is only available after most other assets have been exhausted.

Why Longevity Matters | Presented by Mindy Jones

In September 2019, Mindy Jones joined C3 to give a presentation on the changes and challenges presented to increased longevity of human life – sometimes requiring we plan seven generations out!  It can be difficult for families to discuss “the plan” for their elders.  Knowing where to start—and what to ask—can be emotionally overwhelming.  As a result, many families, and heads of families, unfortunately, do not effectively communicate their wishes for their estate.


Long-Term Care & Our Tale of Three Mothers | Presented by Carolyn J. Smith at our Coffee with C3 

In July 2020, C3 hosted our 15-minute coffee break series to discuss long-term care.  Carolyn J. Smith walked us through what has changed in the requirements for LTC planning due to COVID-19 and common questions arising due to the historic pandemic.  Watch our brief video recording to hear what C3 has learned of the impact on long-term care.


Life Stage Awareness | Presented by Carolyn J. Smith

Unsure if your client is ready to plan for long-term care?  In May 2020, Carolyn discussed how to grow awareness of the life stages.  Watch our brief video to determine if it’s time to start planning.

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