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May 2022 Newsletter

Wealth Transfer Beyond Your Exemptions

Life insurance held in an irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT) is a cornerstone of a solid wealth transfer strategy.  The funds life insurance provides when an estate tax is due allows families to protect their legacies and sustain wealth across generations.

Increasingly, these families are turning to private split-dollar arrangements to fund ILIT-owned life insurance.  This technique minimizes estate taxes, preserves gifting and estate tax exemptions, and efficiently passes wealth to future generations.

In our latest blog, available at the link below, we explain how private split-dollar arrangements work and explore the benefits of this planning technique.


IRS Applicable Federal Rate Update

The rates continue to rise!  To see the current rates, as well as the historical rates, you can view our AFR report at the link below.


Our Recent Coffee with C3

We recently hosted a Coffee with C3 where Lion Street’s Brian Bonifant discussed the importance of working with a firm that has the tools and resources available to facilitate life insurance solutions for high-net-worth families and business owners.

If you missed Brian’s informative presentation, you can watch a video of it at the link below.


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