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September 2022 Newsletter

Manage Your Life Insurance Like an Important Asset Class

Life insurance is often one of our largest assets. Yet, it is commonly unmanaged and misunderstood.

Little to no thought is given to life insurance as a contingent asset class whose often sizable death benefit impacts an investment portfolio and affects other asset classes.

Our latest blog looks at how when life insurance is reviewed similarly to how investors review other investments such as bonds, stocks and private equity, the influential role life insurance plays in a well-performing investment strategy becomes evident.

Read it all at the link below!

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IRS Applicable Federal Rate Update

The rates continue to rise! To see the current rates, as well as the historical rates, you can view our AFR report at the link below.

See the AFR Report

Did You Know?

Did you know life insurance can play a role in your charitable planning goals? We recently helped a local philanthropic organization reach its fundraising goals with the help of life insurance!

To learn more about how we can help you use life insurance to fulfill your charitable wishes, reach out or read our blog on the subject.

Upcoming Event

C&C Event

Palliative Care
Dr. Alan Chiu will speak on palliative care. Dr. Chiu specializes in providing comprehensive and holistic palliative care to patients and families facing serious illness and is an expert in palliative care program design. At this event, he will address:

  • What is palliative care
  • For whom is such care appropriate and when should they receive it
  • Benefits of palliative care
  • Advance care planning/End of Life Planning

Alan Chiu, MD, Assistant Professor – UT Southwestern Medical Center
Wednesday, October 26th, 12-1 p.m.

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