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Working Together in 2021

We appreciated the opportunities to collaborate with thought leaders, including those featured in the interviews below.

Will Your Life Insurance Hit A Wall? | Ted Oakley Interviews Todd S. Healy

“The insurance companies aren’t reaching out and saying, ‘hey you really need to review this policy because rates have dropped.’  That is why we refer to it as one of the largest unmanaged assets.” – Todd S. Healy

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Eversprint Interview with Carolyn J. Smith & Malcolm Lui

“Often times, it’s liquidity that helps a family build in financial resources to help them navigate during turbulent times that are going to come for all of us.” – Carolyn J. Smith

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Carolyn Smith featured on Where Accountants Go | A Unique Exit Planning Niche

“The decisions wealth holders did or didn’t make impacted so much more than their families.” – Carolyn J. Smith

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In addition, we conducted “Lunch & Learn” events for professionals outside of the life insurance industry.  If you are interested in the topics we covered, please feel free to reach out to us.

Individuals and businesses, even nonprofits, engage us to identify, prepare for, and manage some of the risks they can't control.
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