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Six Word Memoirs | 2021 Book Recommendation

What a ride the last two years have been!  We think A Terrible, Horrible, No Good Year, a journal of six-word memoirs, is an interesting perspective of what we have been through.

The C3 team even wrote their own six-word memoirs as a team building and reflection exercise this month.  What would your six-word memoir say?

C3 Team’s Six-Word Memoirs



  • Don’t let “someday” become your yesterday.  Todd
  • Pause the chatter, enjoy the time!  Carolyn
  • Three new family members … what quarantine?? Rebecca
  • This time, Momma gets a puppy!  Courtnee
  • How’d we survive?  Technology, Family, Friends! Lisa
  • Tried retirement … got bored … working part-time. Malinda
  • Quarantine, we baked lots of bread!  Suszanne
  • So many life transitions at once.  Kristi
  • You’re on mute.  You’re on mute!  – anyone on a Zoom call


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