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C3 understands the value of your future and your legacy. Our commitment is to help provide solutions to preserve family wealth and business success across generations.

The protection and transfer of wealth can be complex and requires careful planning. Our expertise and experience working with multigenerational families helps in transferring wealth to future generations; with tax efficient gifting programs, trusts, annuity arbitrage, charitable giving, and countless other strategies to meet planning goals.

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C3 has over 100 years of combined experience in serving ultra-affluent clients. We specialize in the design, implementation, and management of sophisticated solutions with the objective of minimizing income and estate tax liabilities. Our team of professionals has access to innovative solutions and products.

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Philanthropic Planning often plays a role in many of our lives. It can provide a deep personal satisfaction and help unite families across generations. In addition to our extensive experience in philanthropy, we provide awareness to help clients and their advisors implement ways to have a greater impact and achieve personal giving goals.

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As the global economy expands, so does the need for international financial planning. We provide tailored solutions for the enhancement, protection, and planning of international wealth for individuals, families, charities, and businesses.

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Obtaining a secure and comfortable retirement can be a daunting task, but with a sound strategy, it can be well within reach. We are all living longer, therefore, planning for a longer retirement is necessary. C3 Financial Partners can provide options to help create a stronger financial future.

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We assist our clients and their advisors with the management, analysis, and servicing of large life insurance portfolios. The life insurance market is constantly changing; we, therefore, monitor active policies, and when necessary, provide new opportunities for our clients’ existing insurance. This helps clients take advantage of the opportunity and diversification that life insurance adds to their overall portfolio.

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