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C3 Financial Partners’ Insights | Winter 2019

Premium Finance – Why, How, and What You Need to Know

Author: Celeste C. Moya

Affluent individuals who prefer not to liquidate assets or redirect cash flow to pay for life insurance premiums need to know about premium finance. So do advisors who want to help them make informed life insurance decisions.

Premium finance consists of borrowing money from a bank or third-party lender in order to pay insurance premiums. It is a financial tool that allows clients to obtain the necessary life insurance coverage to provide for future obligations, such as estate taxes, while allowing them to leave more assets dedicated to their businesses and other investments.

Premium finance can be a valuable strategic tool. Advisors can benefit their clients tremendously by learning more about it.

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A Cause That Affects Us All: C3 Affirms Its Commitment to the Fight Against Cancer

At C3 Financial Partners (formerly Texas Financial Partners), we are pleased to affirm our commitment to supporting cancer research and helping those who are battling the disease. Too many families, including ours, are affected by cancer, and we aim to do everything we can to help.

Our mission is personal—in the last two years, two members of the C3 team, Tim Engelbert and Malinda Perryman, have been diagnosed. We’re happy to report that Tim has been declared cancer free, and Malinda continues to undergo treatment with promising results. We are proud of the strength and bravery they have shown in the face of adversity, and we’re especially grateful of the support they have received from the community.

As part of our commitment to fighting cancer, members of the C3 Partners family walked in the 2018 Komen Dallas Race for the Cure in support of Malinda Perryman. The funds and awareness they raised exceeded expectations (C3 placed 13th on the corporate sponsor leaderboard!) and have compelled us to continue in our mission to support those who are battling this terrible disease.

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