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C3 Participates in 2018 Indaba Conference

C3 (formerly Texas Financial Partners) attendees took away a great deal of insight and new thinking from the conference. Todd S. Healy noted that he was “reminded of the importance of understanding the industry cycles of our clients businesses. Their planning should take into account how many cycles they are prepared to ride out before considering an exit from their business.”

At the event, more than 30 Lion Street owners presented to 300+ attendees, including C3 Partners, on a variety of themes. Notable topics included: integrating life insurance into wealth transfer plans, post tax reform solutions, strategies for clients buying or selling a business, helping clients achieve their “preferred futures,” client continuity and creative sales concepts to maximize retirement plans and wealth transfer.

Todd S. Healy, Jay F. Wheless, Carolyn J. Smith, James Joyce, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Lion Street

Keynote speakers included Lewis Schiff, Chairman of the Board of Experts for Birthing of Giants, and Chris Erblich, Partner with Husch Blackwell. Lewis discussed the changing face of wealth and the mindset of an entrepreneur. Chris shared 15 different types of planning that wealthy families are actively engaging in now that the estate tax exemption is higher.

Partner Jay F. Wheless had this to say about the event: “Speakers at Lion Street emphasized that planning techniques implemented today impact tomorrow’s options. As advisors, we need to have those discussions with our clients so that they are properly positioned for the future.”

Every year the Lion Street Indaba conference brings together distinguished experts in estate planning to help them provide exceptional service to their clients. The C3 team is committed to using the insights we learned at this year’s event to provide unparalleled continuity of service to our clients.

Hear what the C3 team had to say about this year’s INDABA event:

Todd S. Healy remarks on how the Lion Street INDABA meeting addressed C3’s central goal of continuity of service. ‘That was a big topic of discussion today, as we learned how other firms have tried to deal with that very, very difficult issue.’

The right answer to the wrong question can be very costly. C3 Partner Celeste C. Moya reflects on one of the most important ideas she took away from this year’s INDABA presentations: that advisors too often jump to solutions before truly examining the obstacles their clients need to overcome.

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