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Our 20/20 Vision

In announcing the formation of C3 Financial Partners, we believe the timing could not be better. We are often asked, “What does C3 stand for?” and we explain that in our experience, the reason most people don’t continue their estate, business, or philanthropic planning is for three reasons.

First, they don’t have clarity of their goals and objectives, and since clarity is our first objective, we believe the year 2020 is symbolic of not only our vision, but our mission as well.

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Secondly, people don’t have confidence in what they’ve done, and in many cases, they don’t have confidence in the advice they’ve been given.

And thirdly, they think of their planning as an event. They say, “I’ve done my Will, I’ve done my trust, I’ve done my life insurance trusts.” But because so many things change–personally, financially, and legislatively–we emphasize that planning is a coordinated process, not an event. And we want to make sure that someone has taken a hands-on approach to the planning, implementation, ongoing management, and coordination of that process.

Notably, we actually could have added a fourth “C” for continuity. We have seen way too many life insurance firms shut down, and the result is that clients and their advisors are typically left with an 800 number to call. Most of you know how important the concept of client continuity has been to my partners and me. We are determined that our clients and their advisors will never have that same experience, and we have an exceptional team that backs us up. With an average of over 20 years’ experience in the life insurance business, and an average of 10 plus years with our firm, there is no more qualified group of individuals in our industry.

And finally, we’re proud to be founders of an organization called Lion Street. Lion Street is owned by independent Life Insurance Advisors. The company comprises an elite network of individuals and firms who specialize in life insurance solutions for high-net-worth individuals, family offices, business owners, and corporate clients. Through Lion Street, we also gain access to life insurance companies, their products, and services. Its unique arrangement enhances our ability to meet the complex planning objectives of our clients and their advisors.

From the entire C3 team, we look forward to collaborating with you.


The year 2020 is symbolic of our vision and our mission at C3 Financial Partners.  Our goal is to help our clients and their advisors gain clarity, confidence, and coordination in their personal, professional, and philanthropic planning objectives.  Additionally, through our multi-generational firm, we strive to provide continuity for our clients and their advisors so that we can continue to be a part of their advisory team for many generations to come.

Learn more about the meaning behind the name C3, our mission, and our team.

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