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Our Support of The Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy ®

The Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® designation, or CAP®, is administered by The American College in King of Prussia, PA, as a graduate-level program. Founded in 1927, The American College is the nation’s leading educator of professionals in the insurance and financial services industry.

The required course of study includes charitable tax strategies, tools and techniques, charitable plans within the context of estate and financial planning, and the management of gift plans in a nonprofit context.

C3 Financial Partners’ Support of CAP®

C3 Founder, Todd S. Healy, and Partner, Carolyn J. Smith, both hold the CAP® designation. Philanthropic giving is an important part of many of our clients’ plans, and this designation gives us an added level of insight and knowledge into maximizing the benefit of philanthropy to all parties.

Todd S. Healy and Phil Cubeta

Todd has been involved with the CAP® program for a number of years. We believe in the importance of this knowledge to the industry and our high net worth clients, and to help promote it, in 2010 C3, organized annual study groups in Texas to help participants in the program maximize their learning and expand their professional network.

While it remains a self-study program at its core, members of our study groups benefit from bi-weekly discussions with the group to go over the material and how it can be applied to current high net worth client situations.

Participation in our larger industry and its advancement ultimately allows us as high net worth life insurance agents to better serve our clients and thus it is key to C3’s values.

What a CAP® Designee Can Do for You

A CAP® (Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy®) is qualified to help you, as a successful and caring person, create a gift plan within your overall financial or estate plan. Your plan will embody your ideals, as well as your traditional goals and objectives. The plan will have a positive impact on your family and the causes you care about, as well as be effective and efficient financially.

For more information about the program, please visit The American College’s website.

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