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Our Take on COVID-19

First, our hearts go out to individuals and families directly affected by the coronavirus.  Next, our deepest gratitude goes to everyone in health services from the frontline fighting for patients to the scientists fighting for cures in the labs.  We are also grateful for the many government employees sorting all the information and alerting the rest of us.

We all know the CDC precautions must be taken as rules, not suggestions. They may not sound harsh, or extreme, until they necessitate travel bans, canceled events, mandatory work-at-home policies, school closures, and the unexpected inconveniences and hardships few of us were ready for.

Uncertainty is always challenging, especially when reporting seems confusing, contradictory, or conjectural, and when hopeful news takes a back seat.  For example, videos display chaos in the financial world, yet the economy remains strong and stable.  And while many doors have been forced to close, many institutions, businesses, and communities are coming forward to offer valuable support.  On an individual level, internet forums fill information gaps and share problem-solving advice.

It appears that the impact of the coronavirus is unparalleled, and one message is unmistakable. To COVID-19, we are all the same.  The virus disregards all geography, nationality, occupation, education, success, or failure.  But we don’t/won’t quit.

Our lesson, when we finally win, should be that in a time of great need, we proved we can depend on each other and take responsibility for each other’s welfare, person-by-person.  Beyond taking care of ourselves and our loved ones, let’s focus on the unity this unpredictable circumstance has brought forth.

From all of us at C3, we are thinking of you and wishing you good health!

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