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Summer 2020 Newsletter

Todd’s 2 Bits

A message from our Founder

What can be said, that hasn’t already been said, about our current situation?  There’s so much that we know, and, it seems, so much more than we don’t.

As the pandemic was getting a strong hold, on March 18, my daily devotional (written years ago) noted that, “Patience is enduring a difficult situation without giving God a timeline for removing it.”

While many have suffered, and more will endure hardships, may we all be granted that level of patience.  And, as we seek it, help us remember that with each passing day, “We are one day closer to solutions.”

We hope you and yours are staying healthy and safe!

C3 Estate Tax Calculator

Our Estate Tax Calculator is designed to help you easily calculate your potential estate tax. Design your “what-ifs” by selecting a growth factor for your estate growth and an inflation factor for the estate exemption.

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Celeste C. Moya Shares Her Story

C3 Partner, Celeste C. Moya, sat down to share how she found her way to the life insurance industry. Celeste also discusses her philosophy on what life insurance really provides, beyond just a death benefit, and how it can be the most important gift you ever make.

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C3 Team Changes

It is with mixed feelings that we announce the retirement of our much loved and appreciated Malinda Perryman. She has been an integral part of our firm since 2003 and will be greatly missed.  Malinda looks forward to slowing down and enjoying more time for herself and with her daughter, Jennifer, and precious dog, Molly.

While we are sad to see Malinda go, she is leaving us in good hands. Courtnee Cobb joined our team in January of this year, having recently moved to Dallas from Houston.  A graduate of Texas A&M, she has over 20 years of experience in the life insurance business. We are pleased to welcome her to our team!

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