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The Importance of Policy Reviews

You don’t buy life insurance because you’re going to die. You buy life insurance because someone you love is going to live. That’s a tough thing to think about, yet many of those loved ones never actually receive the life insurance proceeds.

Nearly 90% of all life insurance policies die before the insurer does. But, why is that?

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In great part, it’s because most policies are not being reviewed regularly. Life insurance tends to be one of the largest unmanaged assets in a financial portfolio. It is purchased, payments are set up, and then the policies are put away in a drawer. Essentially, you check the insurance box and move on.

Life insurance is not treated like the valuable financial tool it is. Rather, it’s viewed as a nuisance and the focus is on the premiums, not the extraordinary benefits it can provide. But life happens, things change, and life insurance policies don’t always perform as expected. For those reasons, there’s a possibility that a policy you own now is no longer adequate for your current situation or needs to be modified to get back on track. But how can you know that and how can you protect this asset if it’s not being reviewed and managed?

What if we could show you a way to provide clarity, confidence, and coordination for you and/or your clients when it comes to a life insurance portfolio? At C3, we have a thorough policy review process, which considers your current objectives. Then, through a detailed analysis, we help determine if the coverage is still adequate or needs to be updated. Additionally, we collaborate with advisors to ensure the coverage is aligned with the rest of their planning. Life insurance is a valuable asset and should be treated as such. It is important to partner with the right insurance advisory team that understands exactly what it takes to help fulfill these long term commitments.

On behalf of the entire C3 team, we look forward to collaborating with you.

Many people do not view life insurance as an asset, and therefore, it is often an overlooked part of their financial plan.  Watch this brief video to understand the impact of neglecting a life insurance portfolio and the importance of regular policy reviews.

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