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August 2023 Newsletter

The Largest Unmanaged and Least Understood Asset

While most people view it as a financial product that addresses certain liabilities, there is so much more to life insurance.

Specifically, life insurance’s role as a large asset class is often overlooked.

No other asset class combines these three unique attributes of life insurance:

  • Tax-free cash value growth;
  • An income tax-free death benefit; and
  • The ability of tax-free distributions from the cash value.

Our latest blog (at the link below) dives into the true value of life insurance and highlights how industry advances and improvements have further enhanced its versatility and benefits.

The planning specialists at C3 Financial Partners work with clients and their advisors in shedding light on the true value of life insurance.

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IRS Applicable Federal Rate Update

There was a slight increase in the AFR rates for August.  To see the updated rates, head to the link below.

And please note – you can now access the link on our homepage to check current and historic AFR rates at any time!

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Another Way We Can Help

Last month, we announced our new strategic partnership with Robin Glen.  This month, we wanted to highlight one way that partnership is already helping our clients and their advisors.

As we wrote earlier this year, many policyholders who financed the premiums to purchase their life insurance policies find themselves facing skyrocketing lending interest rates, collateral that is worth less or insufficient, and policy performance that lags due to how insurance companies invest in premiums.

Through our partnership, we have been able to work with Robin Glen to help clients who find themselves in an “upside down” premium finance arrangement.

If you or your client has a premium financed policy, contact us.  We can help provide clarity as to the current situation, confidence in a path forward, and coordination with all parties to enact any necessary changes.

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