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Celeste Moya and Attorney Gilberto Siller Collaborate to Help Foreign National Clients Protect U.S. Assets



Celeste C. Moya, and Texas attorney, Gilberto A. Siller, recently collaborated on a customizable presentation for foreign nationals on the impact of estate taxes on their U.S. assets and solutions to mitigate their tax exposure. Already, they have shared their insights with many foreign investors to help make them aware of the tax issues they face based on their US holdings.

While we have worked with Celeste for more than a decade, she recently joined our team in 2018. She is fluent in both English and Spanish and is a Certified Translation Professional in Spanish. Her life insurance industry expertise, knowledge of Latin American business practices, and fluency in Spanish—a combination which few other people in Texas can claim—put her in a unique position to serve foreign national clients from Latin America.

Gilberto Siller is the founder of the Siller Law Firm, which focuses on serving Latin American businesses and individuals with assets in the United States.  Mr. Siller has been working since 2006 on international corporate and business matters concerning international estate planning, and he routinely advises foreign investors on the legal aspects of doing business in the United States.

As noted, foreign nationals face a unique set of challenges when it comes to estate planning. They are exposed to different estate tax liabilities than American citizens, and navigating the rules that apply to their American and overseas assets can be a complicated process. Celeste’s expertise in this area, along with our partnership with industry experts like Gilberto, will allow us to provide continuity of service to an important and growing high net worth clientele in Texas: non-citizen families and individuals living or doing business in the United States.

The C3 team (formerly Texas Financial Partners) is excited to expand its area of expertise and depth of industry knowledge, and continue our commitment to the goal of high net worth client continuity.

To view Celeste Moya’s presentation on estate planning for foreign nationals click here. For the Spanish version, click here.

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