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November 2023 Newsletter

Charitable Planning to Support Your Community in a High Interest Rate Environment

An area where C3 Financial Partners works with clients and their advisors is helping to create and implement a charitable giving strategy.

Now is a great time to engage in this form of planning as in a high-interest rate environment, life insurance planning can present unique opportunities to support community organizations while optimizing tax benefits.

In our latest blog, we examine the intersection of interest rates and charitable planning and discuss options that result in better outcomes while rates are high.

C3 Financial Partners is here to help clients and their advisors explore planning opportunities that can be deployed to support community organizations in today’s financial environment.

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IRS Applicable Federal Rate Update

The latest update to the AFR rates saw the short-term rate decrease slightly while both the mid-term and long-term rates increased.  To see the updated rates, head to the link below.

And please note – you can access the link on our homepage to check current and historic AFR rates at any time!

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For Your Holiday Travel

This holiday season, we know many of you will be traveling to visit friends and family.  For us, traveling is a great time to catch up on our reading.

With that in mind, here are two books we have read, enjoyed, and recommend:

  • Wonder Drug by Stephen Trzeciak MD and Anthony Mazzarelli MD.  Through neuroscience and their clinical practice, the authors show that kinder people not only live longer, they also live better.
  • Your Future Self by Hal Hershfield.  Connecting the now to the future, this book describes the mental mistakes we make in thinking about the future and gives us practical advice for imagining our best future so we can make that vision a reality.

And from everyone here at C3 Financial Partners, we wish you and your families a happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving.

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