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July 2023 Newsletter

Are Both Feet Out of the Canoe?

We often compare owning a business to using a canoe in that both pose the most challenges when you are getting in and getting out!

In the past, we have written about buy-sell agreements and their importance in planning for a business exit.  Such an agreement is equivalent to getting one foot out of the canoe.  To get the other foot out, you need a method to fund the contingencies spelled out in a buy-sell agreement, otherwise your planning is largely incomplete.

In this month’s blog, we look at how life and disability insurance, positioned as a preferred funding source, can be the missing piece that completes an exit plan.

C3 Financial Partners works together with business owners and their advisors to ensure a graceful exit out of the canoe for the business owner.

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IRS Applicable Federal Rate Update

There was a slight increase in the AFR rates for July.  To see the updated rates, head to the link below.

And please note – you can now access the link on our homepage to check current and historic AFR rates at any time!

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An Exciting Strategic Partnership

Celeste Moya

We are excited to announce C3 Financial Partners has entered into a strategic partnership with Robin Glen, a leading group of planning specialists, by jointly engaging top insurance consultant, Celeste Moya.

This partnership allows Celeste to work with both companies, bringing together the breadth and depth of two prominent firms in the life insurance and planning spaces, and is based on a long history of mutual admiration and respect among the principals.

Learn more about this partnership at the link below.

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