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October 2023 Newsletter

The Crucial Role of Life Insurance Policy Reviews for Affluent Clients

As legal, accounting, and financial advisors to HNW and UHNW individuals, your role extends beyond traditional financial and estate planning.

It includes helping your clients safeguard their wealth, protect their assets, and ensure the well-being of their family members.

One powerful tool that often goes overlooked in this process is annually reviewing a client’s life insurance. Our latest blog post (available by clicking below) explains the numerous benefits of a policy review as well as some pitfalls such a review can help avoid.

At C3 Financial Partners, our team of planning specialists recognize why conducting a life insurance policy review is essential and the potential risks of neglecting this critical aspect of financial planning.

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IRS Applicable Federal Rate Update

There was a slight increase in the AFR rates for October.  To see the updated rates, head to the link below.

And please note – now you can access the link on our homepage to check current and historic AFR rates at any time!

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Facing a Hard Truth

A truth we need to discuss: almost all of us will require long-term-care at some point in our life.

In fact, someone turning 65 today has a 70% chance of requiring such care. This is why long-term-care is the center of many planning conversations.

At the link below, we provide information about long-term-care insurance including the benefits it can provide in your planning, a discussion of LTC insurance options, and a look at how LTC insurance pays benefits.

And remember, we are here to help. C3 Financial Partners assists our clients and their advisors in understanding the role long-term care insurance can have in an overall financial plan.

More About LTC Insurance

Life Insurance and Divorce?

Divorce can be upsetting and overwhelming. There are a lot of moving parts during and after a divorce, and life insurance tends to be an afterthought.  As we discuss in our blog on policy reviews, that can be a big mistake.

Check out our piece below to learn why during the tumult of a divorce, you should not ignore life insurance.

C3 Financial Partners works with advisors and their clients who are faced with decisions regarding existing life insurance policies and the need for new coverage resulting from a divorce.

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