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It’s a Wrap! | Winter 2021 Newsletter

Todd’s 2 Bits

A few years ago, a friend of mine challenged me with a question, “Does the horizon exist?” My immediate response was “yes.” However, as he and I reflected, it became obvious that the true horizon is actually a theoretical line, a point where the land and the sky meet. The closer we get to it, the farther away it becomes.

Even though it doesn’t physically exist, it serves a significant purpose – it gives us a goal and a target to which to point. By “keeping our eyes on the horizon,” we can keep track of our progress. If we spend too much time looking back, we can easily get off course.

As we measure our progress, it is important to remember how far we’ve come; but it’s more important to focus on where we are today and to keep our eyes on what’s ahead!

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Working Together in 2021

We appreciated the opportunities to collaborate with thought leaders, including those featured in the interviews below.

In addition, we conducted “Lunch & Learn” events for professionals outside of the life insurance industry.  If you are interested in the topics we covered, please feel free to reach out to us.

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Your Life Insurance Should Outlive You

Life insurance continues to be one of the largest unmanaged assets in many financial portfolios. Products and crediting rates change, insurance companies may be sold or restructured, and sometimes, policies “die” before the insured does.

It’s imperative to have adequate policy management to properly navigate these changes. We have developed a thorough policy review process that helps us proactively monitor and protect our clients’ policies and adjust them as goals and objectives evolve. Contact us to have your policy reviewed.

Our Book Recommendations

Catherine A. Sanderson, PhD, recently spoke at our C&C event. She broke down the science of thought and showed how our mindset – or thought pattern – exerts a substantial influence on physical health. Her book gives specific strategies to make minor tweaks in our thoughts and behaviors that will improve the quality and length of our lives.







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What a ride the last two years have been!  We think A Terrible, Horrible, No Good Year, a journal of six-word memoirs, is an interesting perspective of what we have been through.

The C3 team even wrote their own six-word memoirs as a team building and reflection exercise this month.  What would your six-word memoir say?







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2021 Events In Review

In case you missed any of our events, they may be viewed on our website.  More are coming in 2022, including hybrid events!

Our 2021 Event Recordings

Individuals and businesses, even nonprofits, engage us to identify, prepare for, and manage some of the risks they can't control.

Our Financial Insights

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